CIChqCapital Interior Contractors, Inc. was established in 1983 with a goal of meeting the unique needs of each customer through highly personalized service.Today, Capital still has the same commitment to creating individual solutions. We use a team approach to track quality, production, and cost in order to provide our customers with quality work and finished products in a timely manner within their budgets.

Our team has helped us to stand apart from the competition. By offering the same medical and retirement benefits to employees for every level of employment, Capital has achieved an extremely high retention rate compared to others in the construction industry. Many of our employees have worked with us from the start, and many others have been aboard for ten or more years. That type of experience gives us the ability to complete complex, fast-track projects at a reasonable price.

Teamwork, among our employees and customers, has also helped us to retain most of the same client base that we started with and also obtain many new clients. Walls and ceilings may be what we do, but our employees and customers are who we are.

As we celebrate over thirty years of service, Capital continues to deliver the highest quality and value for our customers. We thank our customers for their ongoing support so that we may continue to build the future.