"When we have Capital Interior Contractors on one of our projects we are confident that they will do a great job. Their workmanship exemplifies several of our core values: quality, schedule and client satisfaction."

John Gillenwater, Vice President of Business Development KBS

"CIC offers the best of all worlds: strong people, flexibility, competitive pricing, and high quality.”

Brent Graves, Head Estimator Taylor & Parrish

“Capital Interior fosters incredible loyalty, and it shows in their people’s enthusiasm when they come to work. If we can get CIC on a project, we know that the project will run more smoothly.”

Pete Alcorn, President Kjellstrom & Lee

“Capital Interior’s work has never caused a single delay in any of our projects. The company has guaranteed its own achievement by bringing in excellent people and treating them, and its customers, with the highest respect.”

Dean DeForest

“One of CIC’s major strengths is its staff. The same field personnel and supervisors we saw ten years ago are still there today. They know our preferences, and we know they have lots of experience in the field.”

Tommy Pruitt, General Partner

“We have done many, many projects with CIC and look forward to doing many, many more. Our focus is to deliver the best quality work to our clients, and CIC’s work reflects on that.”

Mark Hourigan, President Hourigan Construction Corp.